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Kristina Calvey was born and raised in the neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City. Before Kristina began her journey as a writer she received a BS in Psychology from Pace University.  Kristina also has clinical training and Masters level training in Transpersonal Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy.  Kristina has co-facilitated womens groups in the past as well as worked with mothers and fathers in the Child Protective Services system that are trying to get their children placed back in the home.  She is currently running a support group for women healing from the aftermath of divorce and helping to empower and create community.  She has been a stay at home mother for the last twelve years to her three children that are twelve, nine and six years old whom she lives with now in Pleasanton, California.  

      Kristina has experienced one of the most devastating losses in life; divorce.  In reaching out into her community and in literature for support it appeared that there were many “how to’s” on how to get through the stages of healing in divorce, but there was barely any literature on how to figure out how one got to this place to begin with.  It felt urgent and necessary to understand how the end result of divorce was her current reality.  It seemed the only way to do so was delve into all the ways she had received lessons in love from her early relationships in order to become aware of maladaptive patterns of giving and receiving love.  Choosing herself was revolutionary and changing the patterns that no longer served her was mandatory.    

    Come and join Kristina in this deep healing work of surrender, empowerment, community and healing.

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